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  • Let's Party- School Party Ideas

    Let's Party- School Party IdeasThis PDF give you ideas for creating a healthy party at school. It provides ideas to make your party healthy, safe, fun, and simple! This document includes student friendly recipes and also recipes for the cafeteria that are in the USDA Recipes for Schools [External Link] with numerical code. There are also 10 party theme ideas available for you to try for your next school party!

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  • Michigan Model for Health

    Michigan Model for Health logoThe Michigan Model for Health®, also used in 32 other states, is a nationally acclaimed sequential K-12 health curriculum that has provided comprehensive school health education for school-aged children since 1984.  The program facilitates skills-based learning through lessons that include a variety of teaching and learning techniques, skill development and practice, and building positive lifestyle behaviors in students and families. Classroom instruction using the Michigan Model addresses the most serious health challenges students face, including social and emotional health; nutrition and physical activity; alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; and safety.  The major goal of this program is to motivate and assist students to maintain and improve their health, prevent disease, and reduce health-related risk behaviors while creating a partnership between homes, schools, community groups and government.  

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  • Parents for Healthy Schools

    Parents can be effective advocates to bring about positive change. A guide to motivate and educate parents to help create healthy school environments. Includes ideas for how they can help with improving the school nutrition environment, increasing opportunities for physical activity, and supporting schools in managing chronic health conditions.


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