Smarter Lunchroom Lunchroom Self-Assessment Score Card

Format: PDF

Audience: K-12 School Health/Wellness Teams- Teachers, Parents, Administrators, Foodservice Workers, Community Members, Coaches

Cost: Free

Smarter Lunchroom Scorecard thumbnailThe two page Smarter Lunchrom Self-Assessment Score Card can help you to evaluate your lunchroom, congratulate yourself for things you are doing well, and and identify areas of opportunity for improvement. 

Michigan State University Extension offers free coaching through the Smarter Lunchrooms Assessment. They have Technical Assistance Providers that have been trained by experts from Cornell Center for Behavioral Economics in Child Nutrition Program. Through a partnership with Team Nutrition, linited funds are also available to help the schools to make improvements.

To have an MSU Extension coach assist you, contact Becky Henne at