Action for Healthy Kids Wellness Policy Tool: Seven Steps to Success

Format: Webpage

Audience: K-12 School Health/Wellness Teams- Teachers, Parents, Administrators, Foodservice Workers, Community Members, Coaches

Cost: Free

Action for Healthy Kids developed this tool with partner organizations to help districts create a local wellness policy that meets their own unique goals for nutrition and physical activity and take the next steps to put the policy into action to positively impact students' health and lifelong choices.This tool uses a continuous process, consisting of seven steps.  The steps are related to each other, and by working through each step, it is possible to effectively establish district wellness and other policies.  Clicking on each step will open a new page with specific information and guidance.  Specific questions will guide the process and helpful online resources are listed at the end of each step. You will find objectives, resources, and frequently asked questions to guide your journey through the wellness policy process.

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