Marketing and Promotion

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School Districts aim to teach, encourage, and support choosing nutritious foods and being physically active. Schools should regularly engage in nutrition and physical activity promotion that:

  • is offered at each grade level as part of a sequential, comprehensive, standards-based program;
  • is part of not only health education classes, but also classroom instruction in other subjects;
  • includes enjoyable, developmentally-appropriate, culturally relevant activities, such as contests, promotions, taste testing, farm  visits, and school gardens.
  • promotes fruits, vegetables, whole grain products, low-fat and fat-free dairy products, healthy food preparation methods, and health-enhancing nutrition practices; ·
  •  emphasizes caloric balance between food intake and energy expenditure (physical activity/exercise);
  •  links with school meal programs, other school foods, and nutrition related community services; ·
  •  teaches media literacy with an emphasis on food marketing;
  • includes training for teachers and other staff.

Below is a list of high quality marketing and promotion resources that have been reviewed and recommended by a State team of experts. This is not an all-inclusive list, but includes many of the best free and low-cost resources offered in Michigan and nationally.   Use these resources to provide and improve nutrition and physical activity promotion and to create an implementation plan for the marketing and promotion portion of your Local Wellness Policy.