Foods at School and School Sponsored Events

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Students – and anyone else who is involved with the school – should receive consistent messages and opportunities that support choosing and eating healthy food.  The Food and Nutrition Service administers several programs that provide healthy food to children including the National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast Program, the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, the Summer Food Program, the Special Milk Program.  Administered by State agencies, these programs help fight hunger and obesity by reimbursing organizations such as schools, for providing healthy meals to children.  In addition to these programs, there are more opportunities for students to eat at school during the school day, after school, and at school sponsored events. The resources in this section will help you look more closely at, and develop policies that address, all foods  served on school campuses.

  • Best Practices for Healthy School Fundraisers

    Format: Multiple

    Audience: K-12 School Health/Wellness Teams, Teachers, Parents, Administrators, Foodservice Workers, Community Members, Coaches

    Cost: Free

    A brochure that provides ideas to use healthy choices for fundraising that sell only nonfood items or foods that meet the Smart Snacks nutrition standards. 


    Available at:

    Or upon request from Team Nutrition-Team Nutrition offers materials for free to schools and child care centers that participate in Federal Child Nutirion Programs.


  • AAP Policy Statement: Snacks, Sweetened Beverages, Added Sugars and Schools

    Format: PDF

    Audience: Parents, Teachers, Administrators, Foodservice Workers, Community Members, Coaches

    Cost: Free

    Concern over childhood obesity has generated a decade-long reformation of school nutrition policies. Courtesy of the Council on School Health, Committee on Nutrition.


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